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how to write yes in arabic

Arabic alphabet worksheets for kids help kids get a handle on writing Arabic letters in each form. Browse and print our free Arabic worksheets for your child. Browse and print our free Arabic worksheets for ... More

how to see my contacts phone numbers on facebook

ALL THE PHONE NUMBERS of your contacts are now on Facebook! Go to the top right of the screen, click on ACCOUNT, click on EDIT FRIENDS, left side of screen and click CONTACTS. You will see all ... More

how to use crayola model magic

Crayola Classpack Model Magic White 75 pack Model Magic If you're going to use a lot of a one color, in a single session, go for the 2lb buckets, which have four 8oz packets: Neon colors: 4 ... More

how to take off laptop keyboard toshiba

How to remove keyboard from my laptop in toshiba qosmio f55-q502 Forum How doI turn on backlit keyboard on Toshiba Satellite E45-4100 Forum Solved Removing keyboard of old Toshiba … ... More

how to use mooncup to conceive

2/11/2007 · I use a Mooncup mestrual cup intread of tampons, and I was wondering if I popped it in after sex if it could help me get pregnant bu keeping the sperm near my cervix?? Like people who put a diaphram in after sex for the same reason. ... More

how to use wifi direct on ipad

The process will very much similar but it can lead to some confusion because there is no WiFi Direct support for iOS and we have to use wifi hotspot from the Android phone. On iPhone, open Shareit app and tap on Receive button and it will start scanning for any iOS device, now tap on “Connect non iOS devices” button and it will show you this pop-up. ... More

how to set up vlc server synology nas

How to setup your Synology DS718+ 2-Bay NAS for the first time in just 15 mins. With the Synology DS718+ 2-Bay NAS release on the horizon, many people are pondering how to set up their NAS Server ... More

how to watch live tv on my computer

Once you have a PC TV receiver, you need a way of connecting the output of your satellite receiver to the input of your PC TV receiver. Option 3: Watch Satellite TV Channels over Internet Heres a top list of 10 Places To Watch TV For Free Online. ... More

how to stay friends after a break up

After break up, you might be friends but I think There will be so many awkward things will come into the picture. As you were dating already those good moments spend by together. ... More

how to start oppo phone in safe mode

Boot your Oppo Phone into Safe Mode: If you are a techie, you might be aware of the terms such as Hard Reset or Factory reset, installing Custom Recoveries, ROMs, etc and you might also be knowing the importance of Safe Mode in all such activities. ... More

how to write a personal development goal

The Skills You Need Guide to Personal Development Learn how to set yourself effective personal goals and find the motivation you need to achieve them. This is the essence of personal development, a set of skills designed to help you reach your full potential, at work, in study and in your personal life. ... More

how to wear dhoti in bengali style

A traditional Bengali wedding continues for many days and each day has its own customs. If you observe closely then a Bengali wedding is set by matchmakers who are known as Ghotoks in Bengal. Traditionally draped bengali style saree for women and dhoti kurta for men are the main fashion component of a Bengali wedding. ... More

how to watch ipl 2015 live in australia

How to Watch Live Streaming in India Australia vs New Zealand, World Cup final will be telecast live on the Star Sports network. The AUS vs NZ match will be telecast live on Star Sports 1 and Star ... More

how to use paddle shifters mitsubishi outlander

The driver can shift gears manually using the floor console shift handle (forward for upshifts and rearward for downshifts), or a feature more commonly seen on exotic sports cars - and a first for the compact SUV segment - magnesium Sportronic steering wheel paddle shifters in Outlander XLS models. The right-hand shift paddle is for up-shifting, and the left-hand paddle is for downshifts. ... More

how to take school pictures

How To Take Amazing Photos With Your Android Phone . How To Prepare For A 'No-Spend' Month. How to Entertain Your Kids On School Holidays. Anthony Caruana. Jan … ... More

how to stop spam text messages from email addresses

Avoiding Spam: Unwanted Email and Text Messages Spam unwanted messages to email accounts and texts to mobile phones and other mobile devices may seem an unavoidable consequence of todays telecommunications, but the FCC rules to protect consumers ... More

garmin watch how to set temperature to degrees celcius

Cortana can now give you the temperature in Celsius Sean Michael Email @Sean_Michael_UK Mar 6th, 2015 in Latest news There are some notable differences between Cortana in the United States and ... More

how to use ytd video downloader pro

YTD Video Downloader is one of the best software for downloading videos from online. The best feathers you will get on its pro version. ... More

how to talk about a teip to zoo

To learn more, you can read my article 10 Benefits of Visiting a Zoo for all the reasons you should take your kids. Although a trip to the zoo is educational all on […] Although a trip to the zoo … ... More

how to use fill handle in excel 2010

If you're entering dates on an Excel worksheet, you don't have to enter each date individually. Just enter the first date, in the top cell. Then, if there is data in the next column, you can use the Fill handle to quickly enter the rest of the dates. ... More

how to speak like david cameron

show people how much you dont like david cameron by having a wear of this stylish t shirt. high quality screen printed on a white gildan tshirt all of my tshirts come with lots … ... More

how to take screenshot in windows 7 home basic

Floomby is a free screen capture software available for Windows 10/8/7. Although Floomby doesn’t come with a lot of functionalities, you can use it for basic purposes, as it allows users to ... More

how to tell if you have double eyelids

I also have to use two separate pieces of pre-cut eyelid tape to get the right amount of double eyelid so Ive been advised from my former aesthetician (from HK no less) to use the rolls of eyelid tape, not the pre cut kind you peel off like stickers. ... More

runescape how to see if youve done the replaced quests

... More

books on how to write a biography

23/11/2018 You can find Clays excellent biography on Sam Langford on Amazon here, and my review of it here. He also runs a website selling used boxing books and memorabilia here: Prizefightingbooks . Take it away, Clay. ... More

how to understand what kenny is saying

Respected columnist and Associate Editor of The Australian Chris Kenny delivers a lively end to the weekend and a jump start on the week ahead. ... More

how to watch rugby league online free

WATCH CRONULLA VS DRAGONS NRL LIVE STREAM. You can live stream the Cronulla Sharks and St George-Illawarra Dragons for free on 9Now, Nine's video on demand and live platform. ... More

how to teach a dog to walk down stairs

14/01/2014 · Usually the right thing to do is to put the leash on the dog and walk with him down the stairs so he can's jump or... not walk. Few times and he should have get used to it - dog HAS to obey. Though with that ship might have sailed seeing how it is old and spoiled now. ... More

how to turn off videos on my facebook

5/04/2015 How to turn OFF Facebook Video Auto-Play option so videos do not play automatically and don't use your cellular data. This was on a Samsung Galaxy ... More

how to use hydroquinone to lighten skin

16/10/2014 Skin lightening creams with hydroquinone. Best skin lightening cream for african americans. Natural skin lighteners for african americans. How to whiten your skin naturally. Skin lightening creams ... More

how to prepare turmeric for medicinal use

The Herbal Academy supports trusted organizations with the use of affiliate links. Affiliate links are shared throughout the website and the Herbal Academy may receive compensation if you make ... More

how to set the time on ag shock casio watch

We made a detailed guide on how to change time on your Casio G-Shock GST-210 / 5475 with images and steps. Yes, it is difficult at times to set correct time on GST-210, but our instruction will help you. ... More

how to write research aims

How to write research aims. Of reference citations using apa are examples of how reference citations would look in your paper using the apa format. Databases such excellent sources for locating newspaper articles from leading newspapers such as the new york times and the wall street to newspaper research in the ub libraries for information on currently received newspaper titles, finding ... More

how to use hair dryer pik attachment

I would like to purchase an ionic dryer and would like to know if I would be able to use a pik comb attachment. As it is the only way to fully dry my hair from the . View hair styling tools hair dryers . ... More

how to take tumblr pictures with iphone

Everyday: Use this app to take a picture of yourself every single day, then edit them into a video that shows your progression from blonde to brunette, pale to tan, undreaded to dreaded, or ... More

wwe23k17 how to win by finisher

He had conceded 19 runs off his first two overs, momentum was with India and the tourists only needed 13 runs to win but Marcus Stoinis did not have any qualms being tasked with bowling Australia ... More

how to sing mary had a little lamb

7/05/2013 · Watch video · Hello Kids! Watch the Popular Nursery Rhyme "Mary had a Little Lamb" and sing along! "Music produced @ Chin2 Bhosle MusicWorks" Lyrics: Mary had a little lamb, ... More

how to stop arcai netcut

The one tool only that can 100% guaranteed success protect you and your user away from's netcut cut (or alike) ARP SPOOFIng. It's a tool offered by to keep your network's ... More

how to use babyliss hair curler

April 19, 2015 Paula Reply. Thanks Tracy! It really is amazing and the best thing I have ever used to curl my hair, as I always get so bored with a tong and it never comes out the way I want it, this is perfect curls … ... More

how to write mei in chinese

20/03/2009 · Update: to adam b. li mei is Chinese and it means "pretty rose" to the other girl who gave an answer that was in katakana version of japanese writing, ... More

how to use obs for twich

The two most commonly used broadcasting apps are Open Broadcaster Software and Xsplit, which are available both for the Windows and Mac users. Then install it. After that, just go to and create a free twitch account. ... More

how to start my own it company

19/12/2018 · I wish to have my own construction company in future, and I'm still working on it and doing more research. I know it will be successful with the knowledge and skills I … ... More

how to use enameled heating stone pizza

Nathan Myhrvold (Author of Modernist Cuisine, Modernist Bread and founder of The Cooking Lab) advocates for a pizza steel (or suggests you could also use a cast iron pan), because the key to a ... More

how to write a disk using mac

21/01/2012 · How to remove the write protection from a mac drobertson9020 Jan 21, 2012, 1:39 AM I accidentally "write-protected" my hard drive but don't remember how I did it. ... More

how to set up outlook emails on android phone

17/09/2014 · That way all emails sent to me will show up on my phone email inbox and in the outlook inbox on my PC. If I reply to, forward, or send an email from outlook on my PC and I want it to show up on my phone I will bcc myself. If I send, reply to, or forward and email form my phone and I want it to show up in Outlook on my PC I will bcc myself. There be duplicates created on both ends. On the PC … ... More

how to use add a fuse

3. Examine your fuse tap for the type of wire connector it accommodates. The fuse tap, as the name suggests, taps into the car's electrical system by taking the place of a fuse in the fuse box. ... More

how to start building a website in

ASP.NET MVC 5: Building Your First Web Application is targeted to beginners who want to jump on ASP.NET MVC 5 and get their hands dirty with practical example. I've written this article series in such a way that it’s easy to follow and understand by providing step-by-step process on creating a simple web application from scratch down to deploying your app in IIS Web Server. As you go along ... More

how to tell genuine nardi

3/10/2012 · Hi AE86 Driving Club members, Late last year Slide Industries purchased in bulk genuine Nardi Steering wheels from a reputable supplier that had claimed being an authorised dealer for Nardi. We can see now, that there are clear differences in the steering wheels, unfortunately we paid for these to be genuine, hence why they were sold as genuine to our customers. ... More

bless online how to see latency

Good news, Bless fans! It looks like we’ll be getting it in the west after all. According to the Korean publication Inven News, Aeria Games has signed a deal with Korean developer Neowiz granting them publishing rights of the game. ... More

how to travel europe cheap

Find hotels anywhere in Europe... Favourite hotel search & price comparison: checks all the main hotel booking sites at once to find the widest choice of hotels & the cheapest seller. It's been named as the World's Leading Hotel Comparison Site in the World Travel Awards and I recommend it to find hotels in even the smallest places and to check that ... More

how to use the spiritual gift of administration

p. 1-2. A Spiritual Gifts Discernment Process. With a Spiritual Gifts Inventory developed by Michael Anne Haywood, with much help from Genie Carr, Steve Gambino, The Reverend Virginia Herring, Margaret Moore, Marjorie Northup, Mary at Stillpoint and Jean Woods, (c)June 1998. ... More

how to use condenser microphone as a boom mic

Unlike the previous Audio-Technica 20 Series microphones, the AT2050 is a multi-pattern condenser microphone. There are three switchable polar patterns: cardioid, omnidirectional, and figure-of-eight (also known as bidirectional). Multiple patterns inside a single microphone means this mic is adaptive. It is substantially better in terms of quality and functionality when compared to the other ... More

how to put consultant work on resume

A resume is seen more as a marketing tool by employers whereas an application is official documentation of your work history. Its the application employers use to run your background check, not ... More

how to wear the same dress twice

I will "throw a spanner in the works", as Angie says, and caution against wearing exactly the same outfit twice. People do notice more than you think. People do notice more than you think. That said, if it is just a basic black suit, then wearing the whole suit again is fine, but change everything else. ... More

how to start a versus game left for dead

Left 4 Dead Map Launcher. This is a pretty cool utility. As the name suggests, it launches maps from outside of L4D. You can specify the gametype, difficulty and the character you want to use. ... More

how to use good notes

How to Use Stickers to Decorate a Digital Planner. Here is a video tutorial I created that explains in more detail how to use digital stickers in the GoodNotes app to decorate a digital planner. ... More

how to work out percentages from items backwars

work out the current price as a percentage of the original price (100%): current price is 100% - 25% Find 1% by dividing the current price by 75 Multiply this 1% by 100 to find the original price ... More

how to wear jumpsuits with boots

29/07/2018 · Peep toe booties are one of the loveliest trends in shoes to wear with jumpsuits. Peep toe booties raise your style up and give your jumpsuits a stunning impact. You can go for a color that compliments or even matches your jumpsuit depending on your style and mood. No more worrying about what shoes to wear with jumpsuits. ... More

how to use kindle app on ipad mini

26/09/2017 · If you didn't download it before, just use your Mac computer to download the app from ITunes (NOT app store on your computer), then go to app store on your ipad and choose "purchased", you will find Kindle there, Click and select "download an earlier version". ... More

how to tell red from white wine glasses

Follow these wine glass cleaning tips from the housekeeping experts at Molly Maid and have your wine glasses ready to go in no time. Best Way to Clean Wine Glasses All that’s needed to bring wine glasses back to like-new condition is (1) white vinegar and (2) a plastic scrubber or nylon net. ... More

how to tell if a carbon is sp3 hybridized

The carbons inside of the cyclo-structure are 120 degrees, and so is the double- bonded carbon to oxygen. Double-bonded oxygen is 180 degrees, and the last element is the oxygen bonded to hydrogen, which is 107.5 degrees. As for hybridization 109.5 degrees is sp3 hybridized, 120 degrees is sp2, and 107.5 degrees is sp3 hybridized. ... More

how to turn a video to a screensaver

4/07/2012 I do not own any of the songs that appear and are NOT MADE BY ME. Thanks for watching!!! Subscribe. ... More

how to write your love story for wedding website

24/06/2011 · writing your love story: your wedding day. Last night I was talking to my Mother-in-law about when Connel and I got engaged. It was kind of funny, as I re-told her the story, how certain little things came back to me as I talked about it. ... More

how to stop nicotine cravings

Talk to your doctor about the possibility of using nicotine replacement therapy — patches, gum, spray, or other products can help reduce cravings during the withdrawal period. ... More

how to use read more plugin in wordpress

Introduction. This article assumes that you've read Writing a Plugin, giving an overview (and many details) of how to develop a plugin. The same speaks specifically about the API "Hooks", also known as "Filters" and "Actions", used by WordPress to set your plugin at runtime. ... More

how to stop getting ink all over yourself fountain pen

This is a guide about removing pen ink from walls. Ad. Questions. Ask a Question Here are the questions asked by community members. Read on to see the answers provided by the ThriftyFun community or ask a new question. Question: Removing Ink from Walls. By Ashley [1 Post] 1 found this helpful. January 5, 2010. My 2 year old marked up all the walls in the apartment with pen and ... More

how to talk to manager about issues

In an ideal work environment, bosses and employees get along harmoniously, and co-workers feel like respected members of a team. When one employee causes problems for another, however, it can make going to work unbearable. ... More

how to send photos from huawei phone

Huawei P9 Help me with: Your phone hasn't been correctly set up for picture messaging Set up your phone for picture messaging. See how to write and send a … ... More

how to stop neck muscle spasms

Muscle spasms can also be caused by the deficiency of nutrients such as vitamins especially vitamin B12 and vitamin D which are important for normal operating of muscles and can cause muscle spasms in the neck. Additionally inefficiency in calcium, magnesium and potassium can also trigger neck muscle spasms. Sodium, important to the cells of the muscles, decreases considerably due to ... More

how to tell what studio model dell you have

The first one is in the configuration of a new dell xps 15 9560 and the second one is in the dell outlet refurbished xps15 9560 price difference is ~250$, the last one being the cheaper one. So which is best? ... More

how to use gantt project planner

Project Plan Template Excel - Features. The Excel Template helps in creating a project plan and tracking with a Gantt view. Clearly highlights if the task in the plan is on track, behind or delayed using … ... More

how to use donated sperm

Donor insemination is significantly less expensive than using donor eggs. The cost can range anywhere from $300 to $4,000, depending on whether the male partner’s sperm is being used, or if anonymous donor sperm is utilized. ... More

how to use benq smart control

2/05/2017 · The stylish BenQ i500 has a lot going for it as a low-brightness projector geared mostly toward entertainment use. Although it's larger and heavier than … ... More

how to use google street view on iphone

Yes, Google’s interactive, 360-degree “Street View” panoramas are back on your iPhone thanks to the new Google Maps app. Google’s fabulous Street View mode: back at last. Just tap and hold a location, business, or point of interest, tap the info ribbon that appears at the bottom of the screen, then tap the Street View image to launch Street View proper. ... More

how to stop fruit from browning

14/05/2018 · Use lemon juice. Apples turn brown due to an enzyme in the fruit that reacts with oxygen in the air. This process is known as "oxidation." Lemon juice works to prevent oxidation as it contains citric acid, which is an effective anti-oxidant. ... More

how to write a company presentation letter

The image that a supplier can give to a company offering their products or services may be through a letter, so in the next lines we will give you two examples for you to send it to the company … ... More

how to stop birds pooping from basketball hoop

David is described in the Hebrew Bible as the third king of the United Kingdom of Israel and Judah after Saul and Ish-bosheth. In the biblical narrative, David is a young shepherd who first gains fame as a musician and later by killing Goliath. ... More

how to use apple earphones as mic for csgo

After that launch CS:GO and go to Options > Audio Settings, and at the bottom left click on "Mic setup." If under "Recording device" it lists your beats, then you should be done. If not choose "change device" and select the correct one. You can use the test microphone if you'd like. ... More

how to use youtube for karaoke

Karaoke usually is played and performed through a television, but it is possible to perform karaoke on a computer with a computer microphone. This works similarly to using a television. When you sing into the computer microphone, the audio is produced from the computer speakers, along with the music audio. ... More

how to stop seo emails

26/11/2018 · SEO spam can also hurt a business’s reputation and mislead potential customers about the content of the site. This is because negative and incorrect keywords could direct straight to the business’s website, giving off an unprofessional or even fraudulent appearance. For example, a high-end salon could have the incorrect keywords “cheap sunglasses” associated with its website. If this ... More

how to train your dragon rotten tomatoes

How To Train Your Dragon (2010) - Rotten Tomatoes The son of a Viking chief must capture a dragon in order to mark his passage into manhood and prove his worthiness to the tribe in directors Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois' adaptation of Cressida. ... More

woodmeadow farm v3 how to work

Woodmeadow Farm V1.1.2. Woodmeadow Farm is based in the New England region of the United States. Here you will find many different sized and shaped fields to farm on, as well as animals to care for and forests to harvest trees to make lumber at the sawmill. ... More

how to write 2.7 million on calculator

How to write 5.7 million in full To use this calculator/converter just fill in any number and then click on the button 'Convert to Words'. To hear the pronunciation, please click on the play buttons. Numbers to Words Calculator Please enter the number in the box below: Number in words: Cardinal: five million seven hundred thousand Play it! Ordinal: five million seven hundred thousandth ... More

how to stop google play opening up

Navigate to a website with Google advertising and then click the Adblock Plus button in your Firefox toolbar. This will open the Adblock module at the bottom of Firefox. This will open the Adblock module at the bottom of Firefox. ... More

how to use solve function in casio fx 991es

Our goal is to provide you with a quick access to the content of the user manual for Casio fx-991ES PLUS. Using the online preview, you can quickly view the contents and go to the page where you will find the solution to your problem with Casio fx-991ES PLUS. ... More

how to stop foamy urine

Foamy urine can occur due to simple causes or due to the presence of some severe underlying disease. It is therefore essential for people with foamy urine to consult a doctor for diagnosis and relevant treatment, if needed. ... More

how to search on ipad mini

Apple iPad mini 3 MH392LL/A (64GB, Wi-Fi + Cellular, Gold) 2014 Model Apple iPad with Retina Display MD510LL/A (16GB, Wi-Fi, Black) 4th Generation (Refurbished) by Apple ... More

how to teach grammar pdf

page. 18. Voices from the Middle, Volume 8 Number 3, March 2001 Weaver, McNally, and Moerman To Grammar or Not to Grammar: That Is . Not. the Question! ... More

how to show on screen display riva statistics

As above. I use EGVAPrecision for GPU monitoring and CoreTemp for CPU montoring. I am able to get the GPU temperature and CPU temperature and CPU load values to the tray and to my G19 display, but I want GPU and CPU values as OSD while playing Skyrim, at best with a ... More

grande lip plumper how to use

If your lip plumper tingles or even burns when applied, one of these familiar formulas might be to blame. The idea behind lip plumpers is nothing new. Many plumpers on the market rely on ingredients that cause blood to essentially rush to the lips. ... More

how to stop snoring while sleeping

Snoring during sleep is a common problem with many of us. It disturbs people sleeping next to us and can often lead to fights between a couple. ... More

how to use a woodworking bench

How To Build A Workbench Video. Video: How To Design and Build a Woodworkers WorkbenchLearn how a master craftsman designs and uses a custom woodworking workbench including how to use a tail vice, shoulder vise, and leg vise to clamp/hold work.. ... More

how to tell if someone got laid

I really dont know why everyone talks shit about Danny Devitos appearance. Like, I think hes kind of hot in this weird, adorable way. The Penguin was kinky! Like, I ... More

how to write an a level history essay

how to write a conclusion for an english essay a level English a level english essay introductions Literature essay problems faced by children in india essay at University level, but remember that for a 1,000 or 2,000 word essay the introduction will English Literature Writing. ... More

how to turn on lyrics on spotify

Watch the video for Turn It On, Turn It Up, Turn Me Loose from Dwight Yoakam's If There Was a Way for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Playing via Spotify ... More

how to wear a blue jean skirt

Recycled blue jean insulation, such as other cotton insulations, can include a greater cost of purchase" See more. 50 Styling Lessons to Steal From Fashion Month's Best Dressed. ... More

how to tell if haddock is cooked

Haddock is a fancier fish with more flavor DuckDuckGo has been a profitable company since 2014 without storing or sharing any personal information on people using our search engine. ... More

how to work in america from philippines

I just can’t overemphasize how much of a difference Lydia’s relatives made in easing the transition of our lives from America to the Philippines. Flash forward to May, 2005. With my sights set on leaving the U.S. in August, it was now time to apply for the aforementioned visa from the Philippine consulate. ... More

how to use memory map

Some memory is reserved for use by the Kernel (operating system), and the remaining memory is available for use by your application program. Fig. 1 The paged memory space of the PDQ Board showing its 1MB paged memory and 48KB common memory. ... More

how to take portrait photos in s8

21/01/2018 · This video will tell you how to capture Portrait Shots with the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the Samsung Galaxy S8. This Portrait Mode has nice Bokeh in the Background of the Photos. ... More

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how to stop vomiting home remedies

Описание. How to stop vomiting , vomiting home remedies , home remedies for vomiting , stop vomiting , how to stop vomiting home remedies , how to stop

how to sell all items in inventory sims 4

sims.add_buff buff_death_electrocution_warning - Cause death while fixing electric item sims.add_buff buff_death_elderexhaustion_warning - Cause death after working out

how to tell if someone is a believer

17/08/2012 Those you spend the most time with usually have a tremendous impact on the kind of person we become. So how can you tell if a person is who they say they are... So how can you tell if a person is

how to use gopro while fishing

Sponsored by GoPro, the man is famous for publishing beautifully filtered instagram shots of his fishing escapades, all shot by GoPro of course. So if anyone is going to know where to mount a GoPro while youre fishing, its this guy.

how to train your dragon viking games

Based on the upcoming film from DreamWorks Animation, the How to Train Your Dragon video game launches gamers into a third-person action-adventure as a Viking

how to set up imu for alexmos gimbal

2-axis: This is not officially supported but users figured out that the controller can be set up to work fine with a 2-axis gimbal (see How to use 2 axis gimbals, or check the rcgroups thread). Only a camera IMU is attached to the NT bus. A 2nd IMU is not supported in this configuration, and must be disabled.

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