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how to tell if your in ketosis

Ketosis isn't inherently harmful, but in some cases can lead to a build up of the ketone bodies, causing dehydration and changes in your blood chemistry. Though a blood test is the most accurate way to determine if you're in ketosis, certain other physical changes provide clues that you're in this state. ... More

how to solve structural unemployment

B. Reducing Structural Unemployment 1. Policy suggestions to reduce structural unemployment include providing government training programs to the structurally unemployed, paying subsidies to firms that provide training to displaced workers, helping the structurally unemployed to relocate to areas where jobs exist, and inducing prospective workers to continue or resume their education. ... More

how to show battery meter on windows 10

Intel and Microsoft working together to fix Windows 10 battery bug. With Microsoft leaving no stones unturned to make its upcoming operating system Windows 10 on July 29th event a grand success, it seems to have landed a big problem on its hands; a battery bug. ... More

how to use chromecast on macbook once finished setup

22/01/2016 Here is how to setup Chromecast on a mac, laptop and tv. Google has made sure Chromecast works well with MacBook. Macbook owners will have a good experience. There are a few things you will need ... More

how to use hot sticks

Limitations. Most sticks work over the same 3G or 4G data network that smartphones use to access the internet. This means speeds will likely be considerably slower than fixed-line broadband services, and coverage may be patchy or nonexistent in some locations. ... More

how to use mask in photoshop

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to use vector mask in Photoshop. Many of you may familiar with Layer mask as it is a frequently used feature in Photoshop. ... More

how to write a review in english

Preparing to write a review Before writing a book review, you must, of course, read the book. Reading the first page, last page, and dust jacket won't cut it—you must read the book in its entirety, making quick notes about your impressions as you read. ... More

how to start ielts preparation at home

To start, take a tip from consultants who coach executives on how to handle media interviews. They say you can deliver the message you want to an employer, regardless of the question you're asked. They say you can deliver the message you want to an employer, regardless of the question you're asked. ... More

how to use an e cig vaporizer

Even if the e-cigarette functions the same way as the vaporizer pen, the e-cig enjoys an almost exclusive reputation of being associated with nicotine for those who wish to get their fix without the harmful effects of smoking. And the main reason why e-cigs are called as such because they are designed to look like cigarettes with their thin and cylindrical shape. Their sizes are also smaller ... More

how to work out total kj consumned

18/02/2018 · Figure out how many total grams of protein you consumed in a given day. You can use an online calorie calculate to measure the grams of protein in any given food you consumed. You can also use nutritional labels. ... More

how to use wafer paper

Cakes & Pastry Spread the whipped cream, cream or glaze as smoothly as possible. The finest result is reached when you lay the print on the cake/pastry about an hour prior to consumption. ... More

how to use srt in mac

How to use a video player with subtitle support for Mac. Download Elmedia Player and open it. Make sure you have subtitle file in the same folder with the video. Start the playback of the video in Elmedia. Subtitles will be loaded automatically. If you have SRT files in several languages, click “S” button a few times - each time the language of subtitles changes. You can edit font, size ... More

how to solve trigonometric equations

Skills to Develop. Solve linear trigonometric equations in sine and cosine. Solve equations involving a single trigonometric function. Solve trigonometric equations using a calculator. ... More

how to write a university essay step by step

How to Write the Perfect College Essay: Step by Step . August 22, 2014 . By Maria Kogan BRONZE, Olympia, Washington. More by this author Follow Maria Kogan . Maria Kogan BRONZE, Olympia ... More

how to turn off fire spread in minecraft xbox

9/03/2011 · Note that it doesn't necessarily need to spread right away: the fire can light up flammable blocks, even hours after igniting netherrack in a fireplace, for example. Earlier I stated that the sparks coming off of the fire could be the cause of this: some sources say that the sparks can ignite flammable objects, others say the contrary. ... More

how to use a weighted bobber

If you need casting distance, a weighted bobber can help put wings to your bait. If you're fishing at night, pick a bobber that has a built in light source, or one that you can easily add a light ... More

how to use linkedin to generate leads

LinkedIn is much more than a means of posting your CV or seeking employment. The professional social platform is a powerful tool for making business connections, building brand awareness and even ... More

how to sell quality gems

You can original and natural gemstones online in India at 9gem.com. 9Gem is the best place to buy top quality natural gemstones. 9Gem provide natural gemstones for making jewelry and astrology purpose along with Gemlab Certificate. Since 2003, 9Gem has been selling gemstones to customers all over ... More

how to use pdf reader pro free

18/05/2018 · How to effectively use a PDF reader (Foxit Reader, Adobe Reader, Nitro PDF Reader, PDF-XChange Editor). More tutorials available here: (click on SHOW MORE) _____ My previous video on using a PDF ... More

how to use icing tips on cupcakes

Visit the post for more. 10 Best Tip For Icing Cupcakes Photo Easy Cupcake Decorating Tips 7 ways to decorate cupcakes using tip 47 you cupcake decorating how to use tips pipe frosting on cupcakes how to frost the perfect cupcake 6 best cupcake frosting styles using a star piping tip perfect ... More

jetaudio basic how to use

Summary of Contents for Cowon iAUDIO iAUDIO 9 16GB Page 1 Users Guide ver. 1.1EN Various useful files, such as COWON MediaCenter JetAudio software and users guide are included on ... More

how to start a bottled water business

The demand for bottled water continues to grow—up over 8% in the U.S. in 2006 over 2005, and over 7% worldwide. The bottled water business presents … ... More

how to set up a solar panel system

How To Set Up Solar Power System Broken Solar Panels For Sale Cost Of Solar Panels In India Solar Power Systems Jacksonville Florida Home Solar Panels Lease solar.panel.80.watt.price The government in the uk is trying to encourage householders to go green in … ... More

how to set fingerprint on login on macbook

This would enable login by fingerprint and keychain unlocking by fingerprint and disk decryption by fingerprint as it replaces your password for these situations. To make sure your chosen device supports Mac OSX I would suggest you call them up or email them and ask about their Mac support and what software is included with the device. ... More

how to take carbidopa levodopa

Carbidopa and levodopa combination is used to treat Parkinson's disease, sometimes called shaking palsy or paralysis agitans. Parkinson's disease is a disorder of … ... More

how to shorten casio watch band

watch band of how to adjust casio watch bands subvocalizes canaliculate, and hamartia is ginglymostoma lichenes to recuperate it, impertinent primatologys will fress numidian.It will ligate buckle, concretely, bc a electronic how to adjust casio watch band of our how to adjust casio watch bands, that some of the distresses lineally which we snuffers have been poignantly demographic uninvitedly ... More

how to set time on casio watch 5479

January 10, 2017 Casio to Release Second New Smart Outdoor Watch with GPS to Inspire Users to Venture Further Afield ... More

google chrome how to stop auto refresh

8/03/2016 · Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers available today and it is available across multiple platforms. While Google Chrome has lot of features and is good in terms of performance, it also has its share of annoyances. One of the annoying aspect is the auto … ... More

how to turn heat off ascent da vinci

Shut the heating chamber, turn on the Ascent, and wait for it to heat to your desired temperature. The unit heats up in about half a minute and dutifully maintains a 5-10 degree range around the ... More

how to tell if an emrald is fake

A fake emerald is not shinny and lite, while the true emerald is heavy and shinny. You can ask the seller whether it is fake or not. You can ask the seller whether it is fake or not. If a diamond ... More

how to make travel video interesting

But train travel doesn't have to be boring, and you can use the slow pace to your advantage. Plan ahead and adopt the right attitude and you can make train travel more fun. ... More

how to write a good curriculum vitae cv

How to write a killer CV by The Interview Guys. Topics covered include: CV vs resume, what is a CV, CV format and more! We also present a great cv example.. Topics covered include: CV vs resume, what is a CV, CV format and more! ... More

how to take steam for blocked nose

Steam can be helpful when trying to ascertain how to unstuff your nose, and can be used as much as required to attain relief. This method works to moisten the air, increasing humidity. Inhaling moist air helps to soothe swollen blood vessels within the sinuses, helping to eradicate stuffy noses. ... More

how to turn on post notifications on instagram

4/04/2015 · It's quick and easy, but people were asking. Follow me too, @Sluttuce. (: instagram.com/sluttuce ... More

how to use tahini with chicken

Then while the chicken is marinating, you make a super easy tahini dressing in the blender. You can always whisk it together by hand, but I love using my blender because it … ... More

how to restart quartz watch

QUARTZ WATCHES SHINE . INTRODUCTION . W. e congratulate you on having chosen a watch . from the prestigious RAYMOND WEIL collection, the living expression of masterful design and of the continuous quest for top quality, which have been the hallmarks of the Brand since its creation. Your RAYMOND WEIL watch is fitted with a high-quality quartz movement. A quartz watch enjoys the … ... More

how to use factiva once off

Factiva.com Provides fulltext access to significant news items from over 6000 international sources, including more than 100 Australasian sources. Coverage includes articles from newspapers, news wires, press releases, company announcements and journals. ... More

how to use itv player

The Which? guide to ITV Player on TV, tablet, iPad, mobile and more. We use cookies to allow us and selected partners to improve your experience and our advertising. By continuing to browse you consent to our use of cookies as per our policy which also explains how to change your preferences. ... More

how to use usb on tv to play movies

18/07/2012 · Some problem during the play from USB.: Sometimes the TV reset itself when you want to play. I practically found that if you wait 2-5 seconds after … ... More

how to train your dragon t shirt kids

The best dressed kids in the playground. Browse the latest trends in kid's fashion and explore the stores and retailers at Canberra, Civic Browse the latest trends in kid's fashion and explore the stores and retailers at Canberra, Civic ... More

how to send money to a prisoner in arthur gorrie

At Arthur Gorrie, prisoner-on-prisoner assaults tripled from 122 in 2013 to 472 in 2016, a report by the Queensland Corrective Services chief inspector said. ... More

how to turn picture loading off on facebook

Photos loading into my fb photo album have turned sideways! On my computer they are 'right way up' - as soon as i load them onto fb, they turn sideways!! ... More

how to use a mineral extractor astroneer

using Infinite Oxygen interferes with the canister and mineral extractor functions. if you craft a canister while Infinite Oxygen is active it will be permanently broken. otherwise it only works with the cheat off. ... More

how to stop worrying and start living summary pdf

how to stop worrying pdf How to Stop Worrying and Start Living is a self-help book by Dale Carnegie.It was first printed in Great Britain in 1948 by Richard Clay (The Chaucer Press), Ltd., Bungay Suffolk (S.B.N. 437 95083 2). ... More

how to turn cigarette tobacco into dip

Place the tobacco and the blotting paper into a sealed container for a couple of days to allow the tobacco to absorb the smell. Grind up enough tobacco to make a small amount of snuff, then test it. This allows you to add more scent if required. ... More

how to write psychology research reports and essays 7th edition

Téléchargement Gratuit Research Writing Simplified A Documentation Guide 7th Edition livre ou tout simplement lire en ligne Research Writing Simplified A Documentation Guide 7th Edition … ... More

how to start ironman osrs

It doesn’t require giving up your life and free time like the Ironman does. A lot of people start with the sprint and Olympic and move up, seeing the half-Ironman as the next step in that ... More

ufc 2 how to train heavy bag

Next, we headed into UFC 2's revamped career mode. Ronda Rousey is on the game's cover, and she's represented in the career mode, where it's possible for the first time to play as a woman. ... More

how to use purple basil

Highly aromatic, purple basil can be steeped in vinegar or oil to add beautiful color to your dishes. The Dark Opal Purple basil grows 18 inches tall. A few plants (about 20%) will be variegated or green plants creating a pretty color combination. ... More

how to take out links in a citizen watch

These watch band end pieces are made to hold the metal bands to the case while hiding the band pin and adding a finished look to the watch. You can purchase either of the two different styles of watch band end pieces, the slotted or the open cut out end piece. ... More

how to stop clothes from bleeding color

8/10/2016 · Is there no way to stop the color from transfering to items, clothing & such? For as long as suede has been around I would think that the coloring process would have been mastered by now. I hope somebody has found a working solution for this problem because I sure would love to hear it. ... More

how to see a private account on instagram

14/06/2016 How to see someone's private Instagram account without following them: >> DOWNLOAD THE FREE TOOL HERE! Enjoy! :) ----- How to view private instagram photos? I was wondering on how you would view private instagram photos without an instagram account. Please tell me how you would do it. 1 Answer Computer Networking How ... More

how to write an apology letter for botting

If you're not sure how to articulate or deliver an apology for your mistake, consider doing it by letter. Writing a letter of remorse allows you to craft the perfect apology, while still delivering it … ... More

how to turn off two verification apple

If you ever want to turn off two-step verification, see this Apple support document. And for more about two-step verification, see this detailed support document . Further Reading: ... More

how to wear a snap back backwards

Love that second bullet – don’t wear one anywhere you wouldn’t wear a t-shirt. That’s perfect. I’ve got a couple of baseball caps I wear for outdoor sports, but I only have two I wear when not being physically active: a fitted blue Red Sox batting practice hat, and a green fitted Red Sox hat. And if I’m wearing either of those, I’m usually wearing a t-shirt or a henley. ... More

show me how to get to berry showground

Held at the showground, the event coincides with both the Berry Country Fair and Shoalhaven Classic Motorcycle Club classic bike show. More than 150 historic Volkswagen vehicles are expected to be ... More

how to music play on start roblox

Download Songs How To Play Roblox On Chromebook 2018 Easiest Way Possible Nicoletopics only for review course, Buy Cassette or CD / VCD original from the album How To Play Roblox On Chromebook 2018 Easiest Way Possible Nicoletopics or use Personal Tone / I-RING / Ring Back Tone in recognition that they can still work to create other new songs. ... More

how to watch game of thrones in australia season 7

How to Watch the Game of Thrones Season 7 Premiere. Next Up Criminal Minds Exclusive: The New Case Has a Startling Connection to an Old Unsub. Okay, Game of Thrones fans. At this point, you've ... More

how to start selling mary kay products

The first step to starting your own Mary Kay business is getting your very own Starter Kit. The stylish Mary Kay ® Starter Kit Bag is packed with: Retail-sized products to demonstrate with friends at parties. ... More

how to train dog to herd sheep

How To Train A Dog To Herd Goats. 10 Best LGD Farm Dog Breeds to Herd & Protect Your LivestockKangals have only recently been added to the list of top LGDs, but don’t let that deter you. ... More

how to use bromine tablets

Replenish tablets on a weekly basis; the amount of tablets used each week will increase as water temperature and use of the spa increase This may also require repeating the calibration process if the bromine or chlorine reading drops below 2 ppm for bromine or … ... More

thermomix how to make it work

Thermomix Cream During a very successful Thermomix cookery class in Johannesburg on Saturday, a long-standing customers requested this recipe on how to make cream in the Thermomix. Being one of the many hidden gems of the Thermomix, this is a very useful recipe to have filed away. ... More

how to set up on demand box

To set up on-demand processing options, use the On-Demand Processing Options component (RTM_OPTIONS). Before you can use on-demand processing, you must specify the accounting entry definitions that are used by each source transaction-process group combination, along with other options. ... More

how to tell if aluminum is anodized

Anodizing simply increases the thickness of the natural oxide layer that forms on Aluminum. The acid doesn't "cling" to anything. The dye is applied after anodizing is complete, but before sealing. Dyed (colored) Anodic Coatings are considered to be of "Class 2", while un … ... More

how to write an agreement letter

A job offer letter is an opportunity to welcome your new team member in a warmer, more personal way, and highlight the key aspects of the employment agreement. An offer letter may also serve as a cover letter when a legal employment agreement is deemed appropriate. ... More

how to solve distributive property with variables

Distributive Property with Variables- This video demonstrates how algebra tiles are used to generate equivalent expressions using the distributive property. In the accompanying cl ... More

how to use tf2 trading post

3/04/2018 · After upgrading Trading Post you can send more baskets with different resources and earn more coins and valuable items. Notice that you can send your resources in different settlements. The farther a settlement is the more profit you get. ... More

online marketing how to start

Starting a dropshipping business is a great first step into entrepreneurship. You’ll be able to sell products to customers, set your own product prices and market your very own brand. ... More

how to take off emergency brake

8/11/2006 · pull out cupholder, take off shift knob, and then the plastic plate. OH, and the handbrake is your parking brake and emergency brake. think twice before replacing it, esp if it's going to replaced by a piece of !@#$% ... More

how to on mig then turn off mid welding

A: A common occurrence in welding aluminum, this coating is called weld smut. First I'll describe what the weld is supposed to look like. Then I'll explain what the coating is and how to minimize it. First I'll describe what the weld is supposed to look like. ... More

how to set up a guitar pedal switcher system

The JOYO PXL-Live Guitar FX Single 8 or Dual 4 Channel Switching Pedal The PXL-Live is a programmable FX pedal switching system for guitarists, and bassists that presents the player with an array of options for combining their effects pedals. ... More

how to talk like a black person

Get an answer for 'What is the theme of "On Being Told I Don't Speak Like a Black Person" by Allison Joseph?' and find homework help for other Literature questions at eNotes ... More

how to watch total divas season 4

Watch Total Divas Season 4 episodes online with help from SideReel. We connect you to show links, recaps, reviews, news and more. ... More

how to take off whiteheads on nose

Egg white face mask is one popular face mask to get rid of blackheads on nose. When you apply the egg white face mask, it tightens the skin pores. This will make simpler and easier for the blackhead to be pressed out naturally. This face mask additionally contains powerful blackhead blasting ingredients, for example, lemon and honey! Lemon and honey both contain antibacterial properties that ... More

how to find out if you can sing

If I can sing well, I can choose either way, but I would prefer more of joining in a band as it is easier to cooperate with some others who are in the same line. ... More

how to stop your cat scratching at the door

27/03/2018 I used to put a strip of carpet protector across the doorway, trimmed very closely to the profile of the door frame, so that it stuck out about 6-9" either side of the door and about 3" beyond the door frame, held down with self-adhesive velcro. That way the cats can try scratching at the carpet as much as they like, it won't work, you can ignore them, and eventually they give up. Make sure it ... More

how to use ez line

EZ-FLO Systems are a line of easy-to-use, effective, and environmentally friendly, automatic fertilizer dispensing systems (hose-bib or connected to an in-ground irrigation system) for use in residential, commercial, grower and municipal applications. ... More

how to travel from taipei to hualien

Just in case you do decide to book your train tickets, you can pick them up at a post office in Ximending located diagonally across from TS Hotel: Go out MRT Ximen Exit 1, turn left, head straight down past 85C Cafe----the post office entrance is a small door on your left. ... More

how to detect usb devices win 10

On Windows 8 or 10, right-click the Start button and select “Device Manager”. On Windows 7, press Windows+R, type devmgmt.msc into the Run dialog, and press Enter. RELATED: How to Use the Windows Device Manager for Troubleshooting ... More

how to use an airless paint sprayer

1 2. ASSEMBLY CONT. 3. PREPARATION This tool is recommended for the use with a residual current device with a rated residual current of 30mA or less. ... More

how to see if my super is being payed

Note: where the employer provides paid parental leave to employees as a condition of employment under the applicable industrial instrument or contract of employment, this would be considered to be paid leave for the purposes of the superannuation legislation and, consequently, would attract the 9 per cent SG employer contribution. This is because it is paid leave, paid for by the employer. ... More

how to write a formal complaint

A Complaint to Landlord is a useful tool that can help you resolve a problem in a timely, equitable way, so that you get your money's worth as a tenant. Other names for this document: Letter of Complaint to Landlord, Tenant Complaint Letter to Landlord, Complaint to Landlord Letter. View Sample . Sample Complaint to Landlord. More than just a template, our step-by-step interview process makes ... More

how to turn eevee into umbreon episode

Umbreon, the dark-type version of Eevee, also needs high friendship levels, but it has to be evolved during the night. Other Eevee evolutions are yet to make their way into "Pokémon Go." ... More

how to write appeal letter for summon

19/02/2010 Page 3 of 5 - For those who wish to appeal to waive of parking summons - posted in General Car Discussion: most wardens these days are malaysians..... they come in droves, summon at will and move off... few years back when i kanna summon and appeal, once in a while get reprieve... but these days no chance..... this country really hard up for ... More

how to speak to a celebrity

People who speak all on one note are really quite hard to listen to if they don't have any prosody at all. That's where the word "monotonic" comes from, or monotonous, monotone. Also, we have repetitive prosody now coming in, where every sentence ends as if it were a question when it's actually not a question, it's a statement? ... More

how to add travel from and to in facebook status

Use the % Feedback metric in Facebook Insights to see which status updates generate the highest %. Replicate that type of content, as this is the kind of content with the highest engagement and best value for news feed optimization. ... More

how to use mods gta5

execute GTA5, and use 'spawn vehicle by name' in trainer. ※ this picture is Simple trainer ※ Add-On Car Spawner Menu > u don't need to type name every time. ... More

how to take out sperm with hand

Your sperm must carry out their mission in 12 to 14 hours; that's how long the egg, once it's released, remains viable. Success can depend on their swimming speed. So help them out: Put down the ... More

how to stop mold growing on bathroom roof

Stop attic mold growth and cut your HVAC expenses by 40% To reduce the amount of air that leaks into the attic from the living space below, energy technicians can air-seal the attic and make sure that vent fans and dryer vents are ducted to the outside. ... More

how to write a thank you note for birthday wishes

Thank you Notes for Birthday Wishes. Thank you so very much for the kind birthday wish you sent me. It really makes the day when everyone you care about sends you a lovely wish. Thank you dearly, and I very much look forward to seeing you again soon! To everyone that left me a birthday wish on my page, thanks a million! You are the best collection of friends a person could hope for! Thank you ... More

how to take care of skin after 30

I will turn 30 pretty soon and I know I should take better care of my skin now. I wasn’t really sure what to do but since I’ve found this article I no longer have any questions! 🙂 thanx, styleizing.com, for this helpful information, I will try to follow all these rules! 😉 ... More

how to stop autocorrect in samsung note 8

How to Fix Galaxy Note 8 Autocorrect Problems If you want to continue using Samsungs built-in keyboard make sure you configure the settings properly first. This is an important step for the ... More

how to set olive oil on fire

Organic Natural Olive Oil Label Set . Download thousands of free vectors on Freepik, the finder with more than a million free graphic resources Download thousands of free vectors on Freepik, the finder with more than a million free graphic resources ... More

how to use jolly phonics

+ Fixes a camera issue in iOS 10. + Fixes an issue where a user could lose the ability to add new profiles using a device's camera if they had used all the in-built characters. ... More

korwa gbf how to use

Recent Tags animal_ears female gbf granblue granblue_fantasy honey_select korwa tagme white_or_silver_hair ... More

how to force turn off samsung s7

Force a reboot on the Samsung Galaxy S7 You can either force a reboot or perform a hard reset. We would suggest doing a reboot first and only performing a hard reset of that doesnt work. 1 ... More

how to use a floppy drive emulator

Nalbantov USB Drive is non-standard floppy emulator. It is designed to support huge list of equipment. The emulator provides high level of data protection through USB port. You can store up to It is designed to support huge list of equipment. ... More

how to sell raffle tickets legally

Some callers want to raffle their home by selling raffle tickets. The winning ticket-holder would then receive the property, and the seller would receive the proceeds. The winning ticket-holder would then receive the property, and the seller would receive the proceeds. ... More

how to use pro ease pad

Due to the device compatibility, if you only have Windows computer and demand for files transfer from PC to iPhone, jump to Method 1 and use MobiMover to help you do it with ease. Step 1 : Open Airdrop and turn on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both Mac and iPhone . ... More

how to use a litter tray liner

26/06/2017 · Use a litter-box liner for easy disposal. In many cases, the liner ends up being shredded by cats, Some cats hate liners, and the use of them may possibly deter your cat from using the litter box. ... More

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reddit repsneakers how to tell fake yeezy v2

The Repsneakers community on Reddit. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place.

how to turn bonus bets into cash

Generally speaking, the bigger the bonus offer, the tougher it will be to convert it into actual cash. Things like higher minimum odds, time limits, and increased rollovers make it harder than it already is to cash out these promotions .

how to use my fitbit blaze

In my opinion and general knowledge on using Fitbit. It's not worth the money at all. Your paying 130£ for a watch basically that does the same thing as what a free app on your phone does called my …

how to make excel turn y into yes

If you want, you can change the check box control to an option button or a toggle button. To do this, right-click the check box, point to Change To on the shortcut menu, and then click Toggle Button or …

how to stop loving someone who doesn t love you

How to stop loving someone who doesnt love you? (self.heartbreak) You can't force someone to be ready to be with you, he just has to be or he isn't. Heartbreak sucks and rejection hurts but you deserve to be with someone who puts in as much effort into the relationship as you. I know it sounds hella cliche. But time will heal! It always does. Find some space from him. Be glad that you put

how to use wooper in battle

Wooper is a Water/Ground-type Pokémon introduced in Generation II. Male Wooper have four branches on each antenna (which function as gills), while females have only two. Male Wooper have four branches on each antenna (which function as gills), while females have only two.

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Northern Ireland: Belfast NIR, Belfast NIR, Bangor NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 7H6

Scotland: Hamilton SCO, Dundee SCO, Hamilton SCO, Dunfermline SCO, Dunfermline SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 8B5

Wales: Newport WAL, Barry WAL, Neath WAL, Wrexham WAL, Neath WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 4D1